Weighing Your Aircraft

We understand the importance and diversity of positioning your aircraft on the weighing equipment in a safe and time sensitive manner and have developed equipment used in conjunction with our scales to maximise the benefits to you.

As weight and balance is a specialist area we look at the available weighing techniques and use one that complies with the manufactures guidelines and suits your needs and environment.

The Experience
Once you have booked LOADMASTERS
We talk to your personnel to make sure we turn up when required
  Personnel involved in the weighing are consulted to confirm aircraft preparation state.
Equipment is set up prior to the aircraft being ready to save valuable time for you.   Guidance is given on positioning the aircraft on our equipment to ensure it is done in a safe efficient way.
Assistance in positioning the aircraft on the scales.   The aircraft is chocked brakes are applied and tow bar removed. This is done once the equipment has been exercised by moving aircraft on and off the scales.
A set of weight figures is taken.   The aircraft attitude is verified.
The oleo extensions are also measured to be able to determine the lever arms of the wheels in this case.   Once any other verification and data gathering has been carried out such as comparison with its previous weight, the weighing equipment is tidied up.
After some verification on the shop floor the final calculations performed.   As a double check to the calculations the relevant information is entered into a spreadsheet and then printed out onto a weighing record approval document.
The weighing record along with any other relevant material such as a check list is handed to the customer.